Laura Ikeji Dumps Bank Over Feud With University Bully

Fashionista and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji has said she disabled her account with an undisclosed bank because of a Univerisity bully.

The mother-of-one revealed her experience from bullies at the University of Lagos, in Amina hall, on her Instagram page.

Ikeji said she disabled one of her accounts this year when she learned that one of the bullies was assigned to her account.

She wrote: “Story time 😁. When I was in Unilag, Amina hall, there were these 2 girls that constantly made me uncomfortable. They laughed and clap hands whenever they saw me. They said unpleasant things about me when I walked past them, no fear, no feelings whatsoever.

“I got tired of their bullying that I almost physically attacked one of them in the bathroom. Cut long story short. I NEVER returned to campus hostel, lived outside campus till I left school. Fast forward 2018, one of them just became my account officer.

“Wont mention the bank but I just withdrew every Kobo I had in the bank and politely asked that I wanted the account disabled. End of story. 😁😁😁 it felt good doing it last night. Too good.”

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