We’ll change Nigeria’s Constitution to permit Buhari be President forever – APC Candidate

Noteworthy Lawal Yahaya-Gumau, speaking to Toro government electorate in the House of Representatives, has pronounced that if chose into the Senate, the Nigerian constitution will be revised to make President Muhammadu Buhari president forever.

Gumau, who made this known at a crusade on Friday, is running for the Bauchi South Senatorial District situate in the present by-race in the state.

He said, “I, Lawal-Yahaya Gumau, want you to know that the mandate that will be given to me on Saturday is to go and protect Buhari’s interest in the Senate. This is the only mandate that I will be going to the Senate with, having fulfilled every other mandate to the best of my ability while in the House of Representatives for eight years.

By God’s grace, we will amend Nigeria’s Constitution to allow Buhari to be President for the remaining years of his life. He will only cease to be President when God takes his life.”

Gumau implied the way that previous president, Olusegun Obasanjo was not able change the Constitution for a third term since he needed truthfulness.



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