The time, Tosin Ajibade otherwise known as Olorisupergal brought down her measures for the Man she cherished

Mainstream blogger, Tosin Ajibade otherwise called Olorisupergal, in an ongoing visit with Saturday Beats uncovered that there was a period in her life when she needed to bring down her standard for affection.

“When a young lady is successful, it sometimes frightens men. I have had some experiences. There are several times men have told me that they cannot date me because I am richer than them. In one of my experiences with a man, I had to lower my standard to the point that I always had to drive down from Victoria Island to Isolo and back just to be with him. At a point, I even left my car in his house for his use and was hopping in taxis just to show that I was committed to the relationship. At the end of the day, it did not change anything. “Currently, I am not in a relationship but if I have to be in one, I would like to be with a man that is very supportive; a person that can help me lift some burdens off my shoulder. I do not know it all but I am learning from my mistakes,” she said.



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