Father and mum’s detachment was an extremely troublesome period for me – Juliana Olayode

Barely any days prior, on-screen character Olayode Juliana communicated how energized she is realizing that her folks who were isolated for a long time are getting back together once more.

Taking the uplifting news to web based life, Olayode Juliana composed:

“I know that my Rebirth Fam would be able to relate more with what I am about to share . Gosh , where do I start ? My heart is racing . I still can ’ t believe it. I have prayed for it to happen for 17 years . At some point , I stopped praying about it because nothing changed , things only got worse .

My elder sisters called for a meeting , and between us , we wanted to reconcile my mum and dad but we didn ’ t tell them about it. I was so afraid . I wondered if they would come or if our plans to bring them back together would work . So , three days before the meeting , I started praying about it. I started imagining them together . I was just doing everything by faith.

“On Sunday morning, I had cold feet . I was so afraid . “God , please do it this time ”, was my prayer when I entered my late sister ’ s house for the meeting . It was a VERY long process but they made up . They hugged each other and looked into each other ’ s eyes and started laughing . Then my mum started crying and my siblings and I joined in the tears of joy .

I ’ m still in shock .

So fam, wedding bells are ringing ; there is nothing God cannot do. Don’ t stop praying . Don’ t stop believing . He will do it in his own time …

I join my faith with everyone whose parents are divorced or separated for whatever reason and I declare that the same God who answered my prayer after 17 years will do yours if you so desire ( Amen )”

Addressing Saturday Beats, the performer talked about how she and her kin have constantly needed their folks to return together .

“My parents were not aware of the whole plan ; they didn ’ t know they were going to see each other and we are happy they eventually reconciled, ”

“Like I said in my book , it was very difficult not seeing my parents together . Going to school and coming back to meet only mummy or Daddy ; I have always prayed about it as a child , that was always my little prayer to God . It happened when I stopped trusting God about it and I just believed that in God ’ s time , he would make it happen, and I am happy they reconciled.



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