How Melaye Saved Me From PDP Thugs At National Assembly – APC Lamaker

Talking while at the same time tending to columnists in Abuja on Thursday, an individual from the place of delegates from Edo state, Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma, denounced his associates in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of sending hooligans to ambush him.

As indicated by TheCable, the legislator said however for Dino Melaye, and another representative who “ensured” him, he would have been assaulted inside the National Assembly Complex on Tuesday.

Agbonayinma who was one of only a handful couple of officials in the All Progressives Congress (APC) that went to the complex amid the security attack that went on for quite a long time, affirmed that hooligans contracted by the PDP greeted him at the passageway of the complex.

He stated: “The national gathering has a place with every political gathering and Nigerians for what reason must PDP hooligans square me from entering the complex?.

“In the event that I had responded and raged the place with other APC officials, would they be able to have withstood us? I was a develop Nigerian. I similarly need the hooligans attempted in a similar vein with the intruders.

“The DSS likewise shielded me from the rampaging hooligans and the inquiry is who brought them there if not the PDP.

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“Notwithstanding when I at long last entered the complex PDP administrators revealed to me I should not be being there and it was representatives Matthew Uroghide and Dino Melaye who ensured me.”

The administrator required a test of the claimed attack, saying: “This can’t occur in the United States thusly hooligans will be arraigned. I interest for their indictment.”



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