Undergrad cut to death on his birthday by a fresher

An understudy of the Kogi State University, recognized as Ali Umar Sharif, has been cut to death by a 100 Level understudy who is right now on the run.

The occurrence occurred on Thursday at their home at Transformer Junction, Egwume street, Anyigba – Sharif was said to commend his birthday when a contention began amongst him and Santa.

The contention later declined into a battle and Sharif was said to have grabbed a stick while Santa picked a jug, broke it and wounded him in the neck before escaping the scene.

Sharif was in this way hurried to Good Shepard Hospital, where he was affirmed dead. The whereabouts of Santa stays obscure.

One of his companions took to Facebook to grieve him. The companion composed:

Ali Umar Sherif, AKA Stormyblaze..

After last night, tonight I am seeing another wet pillow. So I missed your birthday yesterday. You left today. Open shameless gushes of blood out of your neck from the gnashing of a deliberate bottle.

Sharp. Painful. Sharply painful, he drove the broken bottle into your neck and you held it a bit. You got into the hands of the doctors and you couldn’t just hold on some more.

Your breathe labored. In death everywhere was heavy. You pitied yourself. Your alone mother. Our alone mother. You pitied the fine three years of every hunger and struggle to be in school and stay in school. You thought of everyone. Gradually your eyes started going off like PHCN quenching power when it was about to rain.

You closed it. Held a very long breathe this time, your mouth agape. And your spirit departed your body in a steady stroll.

You started breaking their hearts from the hospital. You broke their heart from Anyigba. The smoke spread like harmattan bushfire onto other towns, cities and plenty other places everyone who heard of you could understand.

You broke my heart. Our heart. And I am just here, heart broken.

Heart broken.

My heart is besieged. You were a damn “hustler”. That type that says “scratch it! Rain and sun, we die here”!

You call me mentor. You told me about it. The one within and the babe things. The future things. The hustle. The help things. You stayed out of trouble.

You couldn’t just stay out of death. You hurt me bro. It cuts as keen as a sharp bottle driven into my heart.

Rest in peace… Sheriff.



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