Nigerian man killed by his closest companion for pulverizing on his better half

A 28-year-old business transport driver, Abraham Umar, was, on Tuesday, shot dead by a few cultists attacking Cele transport stop, Ijanikin, Lagos, over his 17-year-former sweetheart, Arigi Precious Elo.

Umar was murdered in Elo’s mom eatery at around 9:30p.m by cultists numbering 9. An onlooker stated, “I was shocked on the grounds that his sweetheart Elo was with them at the scene. Everyone fled leaving his body at the scene, while she exited with the executioners.”

The perished’s dad, Muhammed Umaru, uncovered that his child had been accepting danger messages from the cultists, to allow Elo to sit unbothered that she has a place with one of them.

“Be that as it may, my child continued saying all is well. My child’s companion, Peter disclosed to me that the kid sending the danger messages once went up against them.

I told his close relative and uncle who cautioned the young lady to avoid him and furthermore cautioned him to allow the young lady to sit unbothered, however he didn’t tune in.”

Elo was not contrite when police captured her. She said Abraham was her solitary beau. Nonetheless, sources uncovered that she is an “infamous young lady and has a place with a religion gathering.”

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The source stated:

“She is seen at all the club houses and inns here. She dozes around with men for cash. Two of her sisters are said to be in Italy undermining and her mom is getting ready to send her to Dubai.

Indeed, her voyaging records are prepared. Ought to movement in two weeks. I ponder what that delicate kid was doing with her. She is definitely not a decent young lady.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, said four suspects had been captured and noticed that Abraham’s closest companion, now everywhere, set him up in light of the fact that he likewise really likes Elo.



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