Ghanaian performer, Ellah Mensah ransacked at gunpoint in Festac Town

Ghanaian performer, Ella Mensah has shouted out on Instagram after she was ransacked in Festac, Lagos, while on her path home from a motion picture area. As per her, the outfitted thieves who pointed a firearm at her carried off her properties which incorporates an iPhone X, iPhone 7plus and some cash.

Ellah Mensah composed:

“I was assaulted by arm looters the previous evening in Festac… . from my area to my home… they broke my auto screen, pointed a firearm at me n took all that I had on me… .Two of my fons (iPhone X n iPhone 7plus) my cash (few dollard and Naira)”

“I thought they were going to shoot me… Never been this terrified in my life.”

“Never been anxious about my life until this past Tuesday… … Never observed a genuine gun,until this past Tuesday, never petitioned God for my life as hard as I did until this past Tuesday… God!! I thought I would pass on n never observe my child again… I’m appreciative they saved my life… Thank u Lord n an another Thank You to everybody who connect with me despite the fact that I didn’t have a fon cus ‘they’ took everything… I’m great n I will be better soon.”



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