White woman call out Nigerian man subsequent to being defrauded

A white woman who fell prey to the extortion plan of a Nigerian man has gotten down on him about Instagram.

This is coming after the EFCC caught 12 fraudsters at Club 57 on Friday morning.

As indicated by the woman distinguished as @sk_nana_momma on Instagram, the Nigerian man recognized as Ovili Louis who she has known for 7 months, flaunted his deceitful side after she quit an association with him.

Read what she composed:

Consideration WOMEN OUT THERE! It would be ideal if you SHARE!!The EFCC has been reached. Be careful with this individual… I have “known” him 7 months now and be careful!!! Try not to succumb to his falsehoods!! He claims to be a Godly man… his genuine nature turned out when I don’t need an association with him… I have each message he has sent me, all receipts of everything sent to him… please be careful women!!! I experienced passionate feelings for this man, my entire family and companions “knew” him… only a message for females to monitor your hearts and psyches and put God first dependably #lessonslearned#fake#godhelphim#exposed LOUIS OMENOGOR OVILI is the name he passes by. If it’s not too much trouble converse with this individual with alert. His WhatsApp is Louis Okkin, Facebook name Omen Branded… BEWARE



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