Police officer allegedly brutalize beautiful lady, bangs her face into a concrete

As indicated by an Attorney, Lee Merritt, the youthful delightful young lady – Leah hosted went to a New Year’s Eve get-together with her beau, and she had been drinking.

At the point when her sweetheart’s eye was harmed, Leah rode with him to a nearby crisis room and nodded off in the auto while he went inside for treatment.

Merritt asserts that Leah woke up when a while male officer she recognized as Officer Wood dragged her from the auto and “struck her face into the solid while blaming her for DUI”.

“She was taken to imprison and was further physically struck by the officer she recognized by his identification as Officer Wood as she attempted to clarify she was not driving, she doesn’t know how to drive, this was not her auto,” Merritt composed. “Leah was not accused of DUI. She was rather mis-accused of open inebriation in a peculiar endeavor to legitimize her unlawful capture.”

Merritt has required the officer being referred to be ended and accused of a wrongdoing.



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