“I Have Forgiven You” – Young Lady Tells Best Friend Who Attacked Her With Acid 5 Years Ago

A 25-year-old lady who was left scarred after her best friend attacked her with acid five years ago has finally talked about the attack.

The lady identified as Naomi Oni expressed that she has forgiven her attacker.

Oni who was nearly blinded after her best friend Mary Konye threw acid on her face noted that even though she has forgiven Konye she still believes the woman is a vindictive person who betrayed her trust.

It was gathered that Oni was attacked on her way home from work when a woman covered in a black veil poured acid on her.

The lady further added that she refuses to let the attack control her life.
She said;

“I do forgive her, I owe myself the freedom to move on. I still think she is a callous, vindictive person and a complete coward who betrayed me.”

Oni further revealed that she was heartbroken by the betrayal, adding that she could not understand why her friend did that to her.

She said;

“I thought she was my friend and I couldn’t understand why she did what she. To be betrayed for someone to lead you to your own destruction – I was heartbroken.”

After the attack in 2012, it was gathered that Konye was always there sympathizing with Oni while the police searched for the culprit.

She even attended Oni’s 21st birthday party.

However, after Konye was caught by the police she claimed that Oni had thrown acid on herself to gain popularity.

The acid attack victim also talked about the horrifying experience.

She said;

“I looked to the side of me and I remember seeing someone in just black and the person’s face being covered. There was a very cold stare and I remember thinking, ‘Whoah, OK, just cross the road and go to your house.”

“Before I knew it I felt a huge splash and I immediately screamed. I was running down my road. I remember banging on the door, screaming “It’s burning, it’s burning, acid, acid, acid.”



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