The New Is Better

“Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to Him, and says of him, behold on Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! Nathaniel says to Him, from where know you are me? Jesus answered and said to him, before that Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you” (John 1:47-48)

Do you know that there are Christians who do not want to employ fellow Christians in their offices or business places? Sometimes some Christians could be slumpy, nasty and ineffective, even at the time though they appear filled with the Holy Ghost. They raise one hand up to praise God while they use the other hand to steal. What an anomaly? How long will you continue to live the life of the old man while you are putting up an appearance as a new creature? You did it throughout last year. You will not go scot free this 2028 if you stick to your old ways. Let me ask you a question; “Do you realize that you don’t need any effort to do the right thing?”

There were disappointments, discouragements, experienced last year. Thank God last year has ended. You cannot hold on to 2017 and expect 2018 to unfold. You must let 2017 go. You may want to insist; “Man of God, there were things I expected in 2017 but they did not come through”! You must accept the fact that last year is gone and is over. If you are not careful, the devil will take advantage of your ignorance and continue to show you the picture of 2017 while 2018 runs out on you again without doing you any good. Believe that last year cannot be better than this year.

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Personalize this:
“What I did not do and get last year, I will do and get this year, I will go forward this year”

Do you realize that you don’t need any effort to do the right thing?

FUTHER READING: Rom. 9:4, Ps. 32:2
PRAYER/CONFESSION: Father, purge me of my bad habit of last year. Create in me a clean heart. Amen!




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